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During my time at Experian, I ran a team of 7 (3 PMs + 4 engineers) which was tasked with a two-part mission: own all custom integrations of EDQ software into partner software, and act as the product innovation team for the Data Quality division. In this latter role, my team was asked to examine both internal processes and external-facing products and build proofs-of-concept to improve them.


Experian Data Quality (EDQ) had recently acquired an email validation company and was planning to launch their product as our own. However, few people inside the company understood what email validation was or how it worked – making it exceedingly difficult for them to explain that to prospects and customers!


With no prompting from management, I took on a project to create an “explainer” video to be shown at the annual company meeting. Despite learning my chosen tool on the fly, I was able to complete the video with days to spare and circulate it for executive sponsorship – which was given with great enthusiasm!

Here’s the video I produced:


The video was a hit at the company meeting and within one day was featured prominently on the EDQ website. Email validation sales exceeded any expectations – although nobody could say whether the video had anything to do with that.

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