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During my time at Experian, was selected to attend the prestigious North America SPARK Innovation Conference, held annually for a small number of invited employees. Aside from knowledge-sharing and networking, each attendee pitched an idea for using Experian’s massive data to enter a new market; we then self-selected into teams around the top ideas and spent a few days building a pitch in a competition for $50,000 in seed money to build a prototype.


Each time someone visits a new healthcare provider, they must take the time to fill out forms with the same information their other providers already have. Big changes in healthcare regulation are allowing patients more control over their health data – but nothing is giving them access to their own information in any meaningful way. Not only is there no aggregation of all the fragmented data for any single patient, but doctors are unable to get a holistic view of the patient’s history from all prior providers.

In other words, there’s no authenticated “single-patient view” available to either the patient or their providers.


After discussing a number of solutions, my team opted to pitch HealthBase – a centralized medical record database that empowers the patient to own all of their health data. After gathering the data from Electronic Medical Records (EMR) providers – with permission from the patient – we planned to give the user access to share their data at a granular level with anyone they wished (family, caretakers, providers), along with the ability to grant or revoke access to it.

With just a few hours to prepare, I pitched the concept to a panel of Experian executives from across North America – and we were selected as the winning team! Along with the prestige, we were given an executive sponsor and access to $50,000 to create a prototype and video.


Working with an external designer, I acted as the product lead for the team and created an interactive Invision prototype of the product. This was widely celebrated as an excellent first concept and was set to move into the next stage (productization) when a series of budget cuts resulted in Experian eliminating the SPARK Innovation Conference.

Here is the video for HealthBase:

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