Dave McClure: Don’t Pitch, Connect Emotionally

I had the good fortune to see startup all-star Dave McClure speak on Wednesday afternoon, when he gave a modified version of his “Startup Metrics for Pirates” presentation.

First thing to note: Dave is not for the faint of heart, or at least the faint of ears. His language is bluer than an ocean.

Second thing to note: Dave is entertaining. He tells it like it is, but he does so in a way that is accessible and enjoyable. Essentially, he tells a story, and lets the listener/viewer figure out how it applies to their individual situation.

So when Dave McClure says, “connect emotionally around a problem,” it’s probably wise that you listen up.

Referenced in this video: “Your SOLUTION is Not My PROBLEM” (yes, Dave is kind of a jerk in this post, but that’s why we love him)

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