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Increasing Mobile Booking Conversion


After nearly two years with the B2B hotels team, I switched to the B2C Attractions team which owns the “Things To Do” section of the site. Going from a target population set of tens of thousands to tens of millions was a significant change for me, but I greatly enjoyed the shift as it allowed me to let user behavior data drive more decisions.


While digging into a data irregularity, I noticed that users on mobile devices behave differently from desktop users with regard to how many days in advance they purchase tickets for tours or activities. Specifically, purchases on desktop were made an average of 18 days before the tour date, while mobile purchases (across mobile web, iOS, and Android) averaged 3.5 days in advance. Armed with this data, I engaged a number of users in conversations about how they make purchasing decisions – these universally bore out the hypothesis that users were making purchases on mobile mere days in advance, and often while traveling.


As a result, I created and tested a complete redesign of the mobile purchase flow, including a new date picker that showed only the next four days by default rather than a full calendar – this was particularly pertinent due to mobile users’ increased likelihood to purchase products on short notice. This design also moved traveler and tour selections in-line rather than on a separate page and made modifying all three selections much more user-friendly.


The flow update was tested across all three platforms (MW, iOS, AND), and in each case, the results were extremely positive: overall, the new flow boosted overall conversion by 8% and increased the number of users who added something to their shopping cart by 12%.

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