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My first role at TripAdvisor was on the T4B (TripAdvisor for Business) product team – later known as “Hotel Solutions” – which was tasked with improving the hotel owner/manager experience. With my team split into two groups, I shifted my focus to enabling hotels with “Instant Booking” to optimize their campaigns and drive more bookings on the TripAdvisor site.


While TripAdvisor was providing detailed Instant Booking performance data to large chain customers, individual hotels and small groups saw little to no useful feedback on their campaigns. If they were seeing few bookings (the one statistic they could access), then they would often cancel their campaign rather than attempt to dig into the root cause of the lack of engagement.


Working closely with more than a dozen hotel owners and managers, I devised a major upgrade to the performance dashboard they could access – in the process making much more transparent the actions they could take to improve their bookings. The primary focal points were Pricing and Availability – the two most important factors in a customer’s booking decision. This section became known as the “Performance Center” and provided a significant set of data to the hotelier that even gave them a list of suggested actions they could take to improve their results.


Although I was disappointed not to create a true “Optimization Center” (where the actions could be taken immediately), the Performance Center was a success. Traffic to the page increased by more than 400% year-over-year, and those who provided feedback that they actually followed a suggestion saw 12% more improvement in booking than those who did not.

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